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Bello Beef

Organic Trimmed Marrow Bones

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Weight : 500 g

Our beef bones come from organic, 100% grass fed beef. Bones from organic & grass-fed animals are incredibly nutritious.

Our 500g packs of trimmed marrow bones are easier to handle than the whole bone. Roast some up with bello tallow, salt & pepper and impress the guests at your next dinner party.

Bones contain marrow which is a nutrient-dense superfood that contains collagen for improved joint function, plus easily digestible forms of zinc, phosphorous, calcium, and iron. You also get a hit of omega-3 fatty acids, lipids, and Vitamin A to boost your immunity,, support brain and hormone function, and helps with rebuilding gut & intestinal lining.

Bello Beef is packed frozen (unless specifically ordered to receive fresh) grown on a\ certified organic and biodynamic "Levenvale Farm" in Bellingen, NSW from beef cattle generally female, aged 24-36 months old; vaccine, hormone and antibiotic-free; grass-fed and grass-finished on chemical-free pasture; we never supplement with grain from Angus and Angus Cross breeds.

levenvalefarm. Trimmed Marrow Bones


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Most likely, YES! We partner with a third-party courier company that delivers to 96% of Australian addresses. Local deliveries in Bellingen and across the Coffs Coast are handled by our trusted local partners


Bello Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning our cattle graze solely on pasture without any grain supplementation. This ensures superior taste and quality compared to products labeled as "grass-fed" that may still include grain finishing.