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Organic and Pasture Raised Whole Chicken

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Our chickens are juicy, soft, and delicious, priced at $21 / kg. At order dispatch, depending on the weight of your chicken, we will refund you the difference in cost.

Our chicken has been organically grown by The Patch Organics and free-ranged on the certified organic pastures of Levenvale Farm in Bellingen. Our chickens live outdoors, graze and scratch naturally, and have big open paddocks where they can flap and stretch their wings. They are kept stress-free and protected by our two Maremma dogs. 

We are committed to staying a small-scale, local producer. We grow a small batch of 200 chickens per harvest. Our harvests are scheduled every 4 weeks and we often sell out. We highly recommend you pre-order you chicken so that you don't miss out. 

Your order can be picked up any time from Levenvale Farm by appointment only. From Bellingen Farmers & Producers Markets on Wednesday’s from 2:30pm, from the Green Hub markets in Dorrigo at The Never Never Mind Thursday’s from 3 pm or picked up from the local Saturday markets, or delivered to your door (for a fee). Leave a note during checkout to specify from which location you want to pick up.

Your pre-ordered whole chicken and offal can be collected fresh from Wednesday 29th May. All pre-ordered chicken cuts can be collected fresh from Saturday 01st June. Any pre-orders that require delivery will be delivered the following week from Tuesday and will be frozen. 

Sold Out? Click on the link to find out when you can order next.

The Patch Organics Chicken Organic and Pasture Raised Whole Chicken


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Most likely, YES! We partner with a third-party courier company that delivers to 96% of Australian addresses. Local deliveries in Bellingen and across the Coffs Coast are handled by our trusted local partners


Bello Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning our cattle graze solely on pasture without any grain supplementation. This ensures superior taste and quality compared to products labeled as "grass-fed" that may still include grain finishing.