Levenvale Farm is a certified organic farm in Bellingen, committed to regenerative agricultural practices, owned and operated by Sam and Georgina Baker. "Our mission is to farm in a more sustainable way, to leave our land in a better condition than we received it, to regenerate our environment through improved soil health and plant diversity".

Levenvale Farm is a place that nourishes

Nourishes the soil, the plants, the animals, humans and our planet.   We want to create a place where people can learn together, share experiences and grow together.  We want to build community, regenerate our ecosystem, grow more nutritious food and bring back localised food systems.  We want this for us, our children, our community & our future.

levenvalefarm. "The WHOLE Cow" Bello Beef Box - 40kg

Home to Bello Beef

Grown right here at Levenvale Farm, Bello Beef is our 100% grass-fed, organic beef that we provide for our local community. We make unique and delicious sausages, burgers, pate, bone broths & cured meats without preservatives, fillers, nitrates or dyes. Bello Beef tastes better, is better for your health & better for our planet.

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The Patch Organics

The Patch Organics grows organic vegetables and pasture-raised chickens and delivers workshops with a focus on increasing community resilience. They operate on Levenvale Farm, Bellingen and sell their produce locally at Farmer's Markets and from the Farm Shop. 

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The Cattle

We run approximately 100 head of cows, mostly Angus breed. Our cattle are in one herd, which mimics their natural behaviour. They are given access to fresh pasture daily, moving them in a rotational method around the farm.

The Barn

Levenvale Farm is one of the original dairy farms of the Bellingen Shire, being operated by the Kethel family for 130 years, spanning across 3 generations. We are invested in conserving all of the original farm infrastructure from the dairying days. Our Barn is one such building, a heritage listed building, that was built from materials taken from one of the original homes of the area, circa 1912. Built in the 1960’s it housed hay, before it became too derelict for any functional use. In early 2021, we restored life back into the Barn, using it now for a space to hold workshops, classes & functions.

The Butchery

In early 2024, we finally opened our own wholesale Butchery premises, in Coffs Harbour. This has enabled us to further control our processing, and with the skills our amazing butcher, we now offer customised cuts, whole and half carcasses and aged-beef cuts.

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