Meet Sam, a fourth-generation grain and cattle farmer hailing from Moonie, in the vast expanse of Queensland's western downs. Raised in a family deeply rooted in agricultural innovation, Sam witnessed the evolution of farming methods, from the pioneering use of spraying chemicals to now more sustainable practices aimed at preserving soil health. Always curious and observing nature.

Sam meets George!

It was a classic tale of country lad (Sam) meets city girl (George). Their love of travel and raw authenticity were the building blocks that started the sparks. George moved west soon after meeting Sam in 2010, and together they quickly made a home, marriage, family and farm business together.

The need for sustainable farming

In 2010, Sam's farming methods mirrored tradition on his 6200-acre property, where they managed cattle and cultivated crops like wheat, chickpeas, barley, and oats. However, Australia's unpredictable weather and the pressure for higher yields led to a shift in mindset. With George joining the business, they began questioning the sustainability of conventional farming practices driven solely by yields and speed. Tired of chemical spraying and concerned about farming's future, Sam and his father sought a more sustainable approach.

Paving the way forward

In the same year, our first daughter was born, bringing with her the challenge of eczema, a condition we tirelessly seek to address. These life-changing events reshaped our future. Sam experimented with grazing management in the paddock, witnessing remarkable improvements. Meanwhile, George delved into gut health research, exploring ways to restore diversity in the gut microbiome. Sam's focus shifted to soil health, recognizing its vital connection to plant roots. Together, we discovered the intertwined relationship between soil and human well-being, sparking a journey of continuous learning and exploration. In 2019, witnessing the devastating effects of prolonged drought in rural Queensland and New South Wales, we made a bold decision to relocate our family. Seeking a fresher, cooler coastal climate, we aimed to diversify our business and offer hope for our daughter's skin condition.

The beginning of Levenvale Farm!

They discovered Levenvale Farm, a second-year certified organic conversion where no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers had been used for years. The previous owner, a visionary of his time, recognized the benefits of organic farming. Aligning with their vision, they proudly became the new stewards of Levenvale Farm. Originally a dairy farm spanning three generations, it stood as one of the district's first dairy farms, witnessing over 130 years of industry shifts. Welcoming houses, barns, sheds, and more, the farm awaited revitalization, and they felt privileged to breathe new life into its historic grounds.