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Organic Chicken Pastured Heritage

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Weight : 1900 g

If you want to savour chicken with a difference, grab one of our limited-range Heritage Birds today! Priced at $25 / kg. Sold with head and feet on.

Our Heritage Chicken is the type of chicken your great-grandparents used to eat. Heritage breeds were the traditional breeds of chicken used for meat before the conventional fast-growing breeds took over.

Heritage Chickens are slower growing, taking between 16 to 20 weeks to be ready for harvest. This slow growth means that the bird grows at a natural sustainable pace that keeps them healthy. They are also better able to metabolise all the nutrition they ingest which gives the meat more nutrition and flavour. 

Our heritage birds are raised organically meaning that they are raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals, providing healthier meat for you and your family.

Heritage Chickens are also very resilient and active birds. We raise our chickens outside on pasture in mobile coops that are moved daily. Being raised outside promotes their natural chicken behaviours which improve the welfare of the animals. The chickens scratch, pick and poop on pasture providing beneficial disturbance, reducing pest populations, and increasing pasture fertility. In this way, we ensure that we manage our chickens in a regenerative manner.

Many Heritage Breeds are endangered because they take much longer to raise than the conventional breed of chicken. That means many of these heritage breeds are going extinct, reducing the diversity of chicken breeds globally. By choosing heritage meats, you are choosing to preserve a healthier and more nutritious bird and maintain the diversity of chickens in our food culture.

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The Patch Organics Chicken Organic Chicken Pastured Heritage


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