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Community Supported Agriculture: Organic & Pasture Raised Chicken

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CSA Options

There will only be 16 shares available every harvest. If you join our CSA, you get to choose between three different types of share options:

Option 01: $86
Receive 2 whole chickens or 4.4 kilos of meat.

Option 02: $172
Receive 4 whole chickens or 8.8 kilos of meat.

Option 03: $179
Receive 1 whole chicken and a variety of chicken cuts to a total of 6.6 kilos of meat.

Chicken cuts may include:

  • Stir-fry strips

  • Drumsticks






    Chicken skewers

    All dependent on availability…

Scheduled Harvests in 2024:
- 24th June
- 22nd July
- 19th August
- 16th September
- 14th October
- 11th November
- 9th December

Subscription Benefits:
- Subscribe for three months consecutively and receive a $15 gift
- Subscribe for six months consecutively and receive a $20 gift
- Subscribe for twelve months consecutively and receive the 12th month FREE

Pick Up/Delivery:

Your CSA will be ready to pick up fresh from Wednesday afternoon of the same harvest week, directly from the farm or at one of the local markets we frequent. If you order cuts, then your CSA will be ready to pick up fresh on Saturday morning of the same harvest week, from the farm or at one of the local markets we frequent. Please write in the notes, if you want to pick up from one of the local markets instead of the Farm Shop. If you require your CSA delivered, we have partnered with Bello Food Box and Bello Beef to deliver around the Coffs Coast. Enter your postcode on their delivery page to see if they deliver to you.

If you live further afield (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, etc) we do national freight every fortnight.

Conditions: A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is on a subscription basis and paid in advance of a harvest and is not a direct transactional product. Some harvests return great yields, other harvests don’t. A CSA is meant so that the consumer shares the risks and yields with the farmer. Some harvests may be skinnier than average, and other harvests will be bigger than average, but if you stick with us for a full year, you will receive the full amount paid over time. There is a risk that we may lose a complete harvest, in which case we reserve the right to postpone delivery of your subscription to the following month as well as not deliver on the 12-month gift as no one reached a full 12-month harvest (the consumer nor the farmer). Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a regenerative model of food production and distribution that directly connects farmers with eaters.

The Patch Organics Chicken Community Supported Agriculture: Organic & Pasture Raised Chicken


  • share-farming

    We want to empower self-sufficient & successful farming businesses that function together as a collective.

  • Regenerating our ecosystem

    Our mission is to farm in a more sustainable way, to leave our land in a better condition than we received it.

  • Building a Community

    We want to create a place where people can learn together, share experiences and grow together.

  • Reconnecting with Nature

    Whether it’s a time to escape, reconnect, immerse yourself in nature, we want to provide a relaxing place for you.



Most likely, YES! We partner with a third-party courier company that delivers to 96% of Australian addresses. Local deliveries in Bellingen and across the Coffs Coast are handled by our trusted local partners


Bello Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning our cattle graze solely on pasture without any grain supplementation. This ensures superior taste and quality compared to products labeled as "grass-fed" that may still include grain finishing.